This place in my Hall Of Fame is reserved for one of the most outstanding ring performers in the history of our business. I have, and will always consider Ric Flair to be the last of the “old school” World Heavyweight Champions. When Ric walked that proverbial aisle, he represented exactly what a World Champion is all about. He paid me one of the biggest compliments in my career, when I was working for Championship Wrestling From Florida in the mid 1980’s. After seeing me on television for the first time Ric told the booker, “When you are finished with this guy, I want him in Atlanta.” However, that was never in my future. One of the proudest moments in my WWF/WWE career was when I had Ric and Hulk Hogan together as guests on my “Funeral Parlor” interview segment. Ric is absolutely another one of my heroes that I am proud to call my friend.